Klangscheiben Label and Projects
[KSR040] Various Artists - Dr.Nojoke´s Glass Study

For Klangscheiben’s 40th digital release, our glasses are all half full. What started as an investigative sound study by Berlin’s Dr. Nojoke quickly morphed into Glass Study, arguably the label’s most interesting and innovative multi-artist release yet. Using an empty Ikea glass as a building block for the track’s main sound components, Dr. Nojoke produced a clikno-tempered track called “Glassy,” and challenged a group of like-minded artists to do the same. The empty glass soundscape here finds its way into pieces from the likes of Sebastian Albrecht, Petterii Patel, Alicia Hush, AnnOther, Pontius & Pilatus, Mi, Kira, Storlon, and Klangscheiben boss Demas, among many others.