Klangscheiben Label and Projects
[KSR038] Marlene Magnoli - Flamingos

Marlene Magnoli’s birds are in flight. With her latest EP, Flamingos, Marlene harnesses their sprightly, spirited accent; each of the four tracks plays with the personality of its feathered namesake. The EP starts off with “Ara,” a colourful number with a playful mood, eventually punctuated by the wink of a distorted birdcall. “Flamingo” moves the EP into a deeper territory, a wading melody underscored with churning clicks, crows, and notes like a wind-up toy. “Pelikan” mirrors the bird’s large throat: big swells of bass and a crescendo of atmosphere balanced by clamoring percussion and Marlene’s signature quirky tones. The fnale, “Tukan,” is a textural piece that builds slowly, picking up somber laughter and vocal clips, tripping over a continuous lazy drone that pulls the release’s four tracks together. Birds of a feather.