Klangscheiben Label and Projects
[KSR036] Various Artists - Great Memories

Although our sound was born and raised in Germany, our hearts are tied to Canada. After years spent building connections with overseas artists that share our passion for directional music and quality production, Klangscheiben is proud to present KSR 036, a various artist compilation featuring a hand- picked roster of talented Canadian artists. Ahead of the Klangscheiben Canadian tour, KSR 036 welcomes our friends and fellow artists in Montreal and Toronto to the label, resulting in a 10 track compilation that explores every corner of minimal, techno, and left-field electronica. Klangscheiben newcomer and Goodnight Moon labelboss Stefny Winter starts us off with “Monoriser,” a deep, groovy number followed up with a staccato minimal piece from Montreal’s Ozen. Twin brothers and Klangscheiben labelmates Matt and Mark Thibideau each provide input, the former’s a gradual min tech build-up with a dizzying bassline, the latter’s a take on stormy, significant minimal. Montreal analog act Little Cloud’s “Ice Queen” represents her polished mysticism and alt-ambient tendencies, while Hooll’s “Casual Thought” comes multi-layered and full of sound, a perfect transition into the equally complex “Earth Angel” from Flandez. Chicago-bred, Montreal- based producer Billy Dalessandro’s “The Tick Runs the Time Machine” provides a hint of underwater weirdness. Hushlamb’s ana+one and Alicia Hush close out the release -- ana+one’s track, “Stick on the Ice,” a steady minimal beat, Alicia’s a dose of melodic optimism called “Sunny on Toast.”